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How it works

Seller Guide

Are you holding any Clubs membership?
Are you not able to use it because of xyz reason?
Here is a chance to Sell your membership!

If you want to sell your membership then please click on seller option, register yourself providing your email id & mobile number, click the link followed on your email ID. Click on Post an Ad and fill in the details of your membership in the form provided & register yourself by paying the fees depending on your membership type.

Note your membership will be only live or active on our website once you make the necessary payments.

Hurry register now as buyers are awaiting your membership!

You can sell your membership at a very professional way, Our professionals have already decided on the price depending on which company/club you own & which category you own i.e-super peak, peak, mid or off season. We have fixed the price of each week as per your club & category & you get price of your membership depending on the balance weeks a buyer can use.

When a buyer registers with us & wishes to buy a particular club & category & his requirement matches yours & several other members of same club & category, buyer would have a choice & can select any & only one option he wishes to buy. As soon as buyer selects your option both the parties will get contact details of each other & you can successfully sell your membership by fixing a time at your nearest clubs office & do the transfer.


  • Transfer fees charged by company / clubs at the time of transfer will be paid by buyer and seller 50-50
  • Transfer procedure will be as per company/clubs T&C.
  • All pending emi needs to be Paid by the seller.
  • Pending maintenance amount has to be paid by seller.

Why clubresale.com?

Clubresale.com is the unique, simple & first ever safest platform to sell your membership hassle free.

  1. You don’t need to find a buyer
  2. Our dedicated call centre will help you in every step.
  3. Once buyer shows interest in your membership then he is bond to buy yours as the registration fees paid by him gives him only your contact detail.
  4. Buyer needs to pay again & register with us if he do not purchase your membership.
  5. Only genuine buyers can approach you as the access is not free
  6. Buyer will have complete details about your product & even knows how much he needs to pay you.
  7. Once your membership is blocked you gets alert via sms & email.
  8. Nominal fees to register yourself.
  9. Buyers already awaiting your membership .
  10. Finance option coming soon
  11. If you club is not listed with us, proceed through other club option & we will create even your club in club list.

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